Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deadpool#17 REVIEW (Deadpool... an X-Man?!?!?)


Writer: Daniel Way

Artist: Paco Medina w/ inks by Juan Vlasco

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So here we have... Woah woah woah! What? You're actually doing more than one review a week?!?!? Uh... yeah... Is this the same blog??? I believe it is. Uh... guys? Can I just do this review? Oh fine... Wait! Why aren't you reviewing the greatest effin book of the week: Batman#693? I totally dug the Tony Daniel art! XDXDXDXD!!! Sorry... I didn't like Battle for the Cowl... YOU DIDN'T?!?!?!? I didn't either... What's wrong with u guyz??? Do you guys have an off-switch? I'm trying to review a book I liked here. Well we HAD one... Hey! Don't pin that on me bro! Guys! Can you both shut up?!? Naw dood! We're gonna help u do da review! Yeah! You never let us help with your reviews! There's a reason for that... What did you say? Uh, nothing. So do we get to help you? Fine. Just as long as you don't bug me too much. Yay! YAY!

So in the previous issue Deadpool decided to become an X-man, so Cyclops offers him a position until they figure out what to do with him. So then later Deadpool tells them that he's going to assassinate Ellis Kincaid... and then the x-doods are all, like, "Oh Snap! We gotta stop him!" So then at the beginning of the issue Deadpool attempts to kill him and Domino (meow)... That was... unnecessary... Hey I wuz just tellin' u guyz what I thought of her. ... So moving on Domino shoots some lights down from a far away thwarting Deadpool's plans of assassination. What does thwart mean? That's too big a word for my vocabulary. Oh and 'vocabulary' isn't? Guys! Seriously! I'm trying to get this done! Oh, sorry dood. Keep going... Thanks. So then Domino and Deadpool meet up later and then she invites him to her motel room lucky son of a- would you STOP interrupting me?!? Seriously. I think we've already found out how you feel about Domino by now. Then at the motel room Deadpool and Domino talk and Deadpool keeps telling himself, "Please don't be a hallucination... please don't be a hallucination...", which I thought was pretty funny.

What I thought was interesting was- Page 19, panel 2. Um... what was that? Just tellin' you what my favorite part of the book was... I was also trying a different color scheme... well what I was going to say was that I liked how some of the humor was not just heavily put on Deadpool. We also find out that Deadpool is scared of cows and chickens. Then Wolverine says that the X-Men won't find him at a farm. I enjoyed that too. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Throughout the whole issue a lot of humor appears and is truely a fun ride. Both the story and art is great. This book is one of the more consistantly good Marvel books out there right now.

Rating: B

... huh? Wha---? The review's over already...? Yup. Do you think he'll let us help him with his review of Amazing Spider-Man#611? Maybe... guess we'll have to wait and see...

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