Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man#612 REVIEW (The Gauntlet Begins!!!)

Amazing Spider-Man#612

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Paul Azaceta

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Gauntlet has begun! All of Spidey's classic and most deadly villains are coming back and I am totally on board! ...This is about the when Marvel gets me pumped up for something and they fail to live up to the hype. Example: Mary Jane's return, I was sooooo happy, but Marvel was only teasing me and did little to nothing with her return. Chameleon came back! Cool! That could be a cool story, but it turned out to be one of the worst Spider-Man stories I've ever read. Ooh! Steve Rogers is coming back!!! Awesome!!! I stopped buying Reborn at #2 because it was boring me to tears, wasn't worth $4, and quite frankly... there was MUCH better stuff out there. I could go on but it's time to talk about ASM#612. When I first heard about The Gauntlet I thought, "Finally! The old but good villains are returning!" Because I spent a majority of my childhood living off of ASM reprints that my dad gave me and having loved the old villains I was stoked for this new storyline. It was even better when I heard that Mark Waid would kick off the first few issues of this story. After the sucky Black Cat arc and the extremely tedious Guggenheim arc I was desperate for a good Spider-Man story (I even started reading the older Ultimate Spider-Man issues and those classic ASM reprints). I did enjoy last week's issue by the way. Did Waid give me what I longed for? For the most part, yes.

In this issue Electro returns and Waid does a really nice job writing the character of Electro. The inner monologue of Electro was really cool and I gave you a good feel of the character and how he thinks and what his life is like. One of the coolest part of the book is when Electro takes a stand against The DB! and Dexter Bennett on T.V. and this results in people following his beliefs. I was surprised by how much humor was in the book. Waid does a nice job writing Spider-Man's/Peter Parker's inner thoughts and doesn't take it too far.

Azaceta's Spider-Man drawings reminded me of how artist-extraordinaire Ross Andru would draw Spider-Man and since I grew up on reprints of ASM this was pretty cool to see. His new Electro design is cool, but I personally liked the old-school costume he had. The art is nice, but nothing to get crazy about.

The only problem with this book that I had was that it didn't really generate the exciting feeling I was expecting. That could just be because the story just started and hasn't really gotten anywhere yet, so hopefully that will change and this story will be more interesting and more heart-pounding. I can't wait to see where this story goes and what it for our favorite web-slinger.

Rating: B+

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