Monday, February 15, 2010

What is this bullcrap?: Political Jokes in Comic Books

By now most comic book fans have heard about the 'tea bag' joke in Captain America#602. While I have read that issue yet I have read numerous articles about the joke. If you have seen the joke yet here it is:

A lot of people are getting upset about this including Fox News. But here is my question: Did anyone get upset about this anti-George Bush joke in Amazing Spider-Man#595? Here it it:

The answer is no. In fact people LOVED this joke. I did not. I thought it was downright disrespectful. Now understand that the tea bag joke was not intended. Writer Ed Brubaker even said, " I don't know who did it, probably someone who thought it was funny. I didn't think think so, personally". Oh, I'm sure you had a laugh riot when you read the joke ASM#595 Mr.Brubaker.

If I was an editor at Marvel Comics I would say to leave any political jokes out of comic books, regardless if you're Republican or Democratic, because you're going to offend someone and it makes reading comic books less fun.

To read more about the tea bag joke click here.

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  1. I don't have a problem w/politics as long as the creators have a thought out point to make about society at large.It gets tricky though when a writer uses classic characters for his own partisan mouthpiece.For example do you REALLY think LOGAN the ex-secret service assassin samurai bar owning mutant CANADIAN cares about US politics?