Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DC declares war on the Supermen!!!

That's right! Another comic book event heads our way! Yay or nay? I'm neither going to say 'yay' nor 'nay' because I'm not a big fan of Superman. He never really has been a personal favorite of mine. Although I did like John Bryne's Man of Steel and I'm liking Superman: Secret Origin right now, but other than that I haven't really cared much for Superman. I haven't read Superman: Red Son or the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank run of Action Comics, but I am on the lookout for those 'cause I've heard those stories are great.

So as you can probably guess that I have no idea where the Superman stories are right now... well... you're right, but DC editor Matt Idelson was asked if fans who aren't up to speed on the current Superman continuity will still enjoy the story and responded:

"Absolutely," Idelson says. "A big part of our jobs (editors and writers both) is to make sure we remember that any given issue of any book could be someone's first. With a big, loud story like this, we have to be doubly diligent to make sure this thing is accessible, from the Free Comic Book Day zero issue right through to the finale."

That's good news for me. This is probably going to be similar to my first exposure to Green Lantern, which was Blackest Night. When I first read BN I had no clue about any of the continuity, but I still enjoyed it immensely. But that caused me to go to book stores and buy all the back issues of stories to catch up and enjoy the story even more, which I may do ahead of time to enjoy War of the Supermen.

Here's the big question: Do we really need another comic book event? Personally I am evented out (Blackest Night is a exception because it's so darn awesome). With the Marvel events such as Fall of the Hulks, Seige, Doomwar, X-Men: Second Coming, etc. coming out it's starting to become a bit too much with all the events, but you know darn well all the event books are going to be top sellers, so the companies will just keep bogging us down with events... We'll see how this all plays out because it's too early to critisize because at first I wasn't looking forward to Blackest Night, but now I love it. You just never know...

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