Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uncanny X-Men#522 REVIEW (Kitty Pryde FINALLY RETURNS!!!)


Uncanny X-Men#522

Written by: Matt Fraction

Art by: Whilce Portacio

Inks by: Ed Tadeo

Colors by: Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

When I first heard that Kitty Pryde was coming back I was absolutely stoked. I could hardly wait! Kitty Pryde is my all time favorite female comic book character and when I read the story where she was shot into space I cried like a little baby, so you can imagine what hearing the news that she was coming back felt like for me. I was excited. I spent the rest of that day digging up news articles about it, interviews, etc. I came across an interview with Matt Fraction saying that Joss Whedon (the man who wrote the story that sent Ms. Pryde into space, which you ALL should go read) approved and liked the story of return and that made me even more excited and gave me hope because for the most part I haven't been enjoying Fraction's X-Men stories.

Now I haven't been reading Uncanny for a while so I didn't exactly know what was going on but thankfully Fraction gives the readers who haven't been reading Uncanny recently enough information about recent events so the readers, like me who are going to pick up this issue solely because Kitty is coming back, to enjoy it. The book is basically just the X-Men gathering based on the news that Kitty is coming back to earth and Cyclops and so scientists working on how to get her back safely and not destroying the earth. What this story illustrates well is how much the X-Men care about Kitty and how badly they want her back. Portacio does a nice job illustrating the facial expressions of, for example, that scene towards the end where the X-Men have gathered while they wait for the space bullet which contains Kitty to come down to earth. Fraction does a great job on writing the thoughts of Kitty and clearly explores how she is feeling.

The basic concept of how Kitty is able to come home is Magneto was able to do something that allowed him to reach far into space and reverse the path of the bullet back to earth, which I thought was kind of cool, but like I said I haven't been reading Uncanny for awhile so I had no clue as to how this story was going to start or what exactly was going to happen. One of my complaints about this story is I wish they would've thought of something a bit more interesting and exciting on how to bring her back and I thought that they would've drawn out the story a bit longer. Although I am glad that they condensed the story and didn't pull a Captain America: Reborn on you.

Here is my favorite part of this issue. When Kitty returns she and Colossus run up to each other, but Kitty phases right through him, revealing that something is wrong with Kitty and it needs to be fixed. I thought this was great because usually when lazy writers write return stories they bring the hero back and every thing's great and nothing is wrong with the returned character and everybody celebrates and it's just not any good. This part of the book took me by surprise because I expected her to jump right back into her X-men position, give everyone hugs, etc. because I'm so accustomed to that in comic books nowadays. The ending was sad yet happy and leads me to wonder what's going to happen next to Kitty Pryde. Very well played Mr. Fraction.

Rating: B

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